Wedding season

Since I’ve been in this industry I’ve gotten a chance to work with a few brides, doing hair and/or make-up. Most women, as a little girl dream of their wedding day. They may even “play wedding.”

As a cosmetologist one of the responsibilities that I took upon myself is to make sure that each individual who sits in my chair feels beautiful, after all that’s what I’m here for. One area of cosmetology that I’ve grown to love is working with brides, and helping them fulfill their childhood dream. On a wedding day, hair and make-up is the last thing a bride should have to worry about. I mean lets face it; naturally women tend to worry about it anyway.

I make it a point to go above and beyond the call of duty for brides because it is the most important day of their lives. I keep that day about them, putting aside everything else, and my brides really appreciate the attentiveness. Let me be a part of your day, to enhance what’s already beautiful and give you one less thing to worry about, and hey… I’ll even make the mimosas!! ;-)


Contact for booking:

Voila Salon
Stylist: Tara Franceschina
1139 18th Street N.W.
Washington D.C. 20036
(202) 728-1055

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Who is Tara Franceschina?

Hello world, My name is Tara Franceschina, an up and coming stylist/make-up artist and a graduate of Paul Mitchell the School-Indianapolis.


I am fun, energetic, motivated and an educated stylist who believes that hair and make-up is an expression of yourself. My passion is helping people find the perfect way to express their individuality and make them feel good about themselves, after all everyone is beautiful; some just need a reminder.
I love to gain creative experiences through fashion/hair shows, photo shoots and special occasions with a wide variety of clients.
My goal when working with someone whether a client, a model, a celebrity, etc., is to provide them with my unique creativeness in making them feel like a million bucks, with my exceptional attention to detail.
If you are ever in the DMV area, look me up. Have a Beautiful day!

Peace, Love, and Beauty,

Tara Franceschina

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